DIY Musical Hanging Cup Art

A few enameled  tin cups and some string turn into pretty, musical outdoor hanging art.

When I found these enameled cups at Savers for .99 each, I snapped them up. I’d seen this super simple and pretty project, from Her Library Adventures and knew they would be perfect to do something sort of similar with. Not totally the same, because A) I don’t have a tree like that and B) it’s windy up here in the mountains and those poor cups would be smithereens in days. My cups are tin and light weight, so not only will they not break, they make pretty sounds when they bump into each other. They make especially nice music when it rains. They’ve been hanging outside my office door since May and there’s a little rust now, which actually adds to the look of them.

DSC_0182To make your own hanging cup musical art you’re going to need several enameled metal cups, eye hooks, string, and a nail and hammer.  Use the nail and hammer to make starter holes, then screw in the eye hooks.


Cut a piece of string for each cup, double the length you want it to hang, plus an inch for the knot. I didn’t want the cups to hang too evenly, but I did want them to be close enough to hit each other when there’s wind. They also bop against the slats behind them (which are all painted now.) Attach the cup with a slip knot by folding the string in half and feeding the folded end through the handle of a cup, then the cut ends through the loop and pulling tight.



Then I just tied the cut ends to the eye hooks. Here’s the view from my window now. Pretty right? Kind of rustic. Super easy, too! I was going to put birdseed in them, but they’re too shallow. Maybe some peanut butter first? We’ll see.

Thrift store tin cups and string become musical outdoor DIY art! These hang right outside my office window and they sound so pretty when there's some wind or rain outside.

* * *

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