Easy Container Magnets

Old tea tins and some super strong magnets are all you need to make these adorable container magnets.

I fell in love with this super easy, super sweet Martha Stewart project. It took me a couple of weeks, but I found two straight-sided, rectangular tea tins at Savers for 99 cents each. I think I even an international version of one of Martha’s tins. I had to use three of these Neodymium magnets inside each tin to make it stick without slipping. Maybe bigger magnets would have been better? No glue needed, though. Just put the magnets inside the tin. They’ll stick to the tin itself, so all you have to do is put it on the fridge.

I put mine on the magnetic white board in my office. One holds my white board paraphernalia. The other has my colored markers. Pretty right?

A couple of strong magnets turn tea tins into cute, super easy container magnets.

I tried them on the fridge, but I thought they stuck out too much and felt awkward. Also, I don’t have much need to hold stuff in a container on the front of my fridge. I think getting a bunch of these–eight or ten–and using them to cover a board like mine to hold art supplies would be really cute. A kid could just pop off the canister they want, then stick it back on when they’re done.

What would you put in yours?


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