Thrifting Thursday {Enid Collins Knockoff Edition}

Thrifting Thursday {Enid Collins Knock-off Edition}

Hey guys! Welcome to Thrifting Thursday.

I went out this week with a goal of spending no more than $25. I’m pretty happy with what I found. I did have to leave a few things behind that I would have bought if my budget had been different. Especially a set of Melmac bowls that I’m already regretting since they were at Sally’s marked down 50 percent from $8 and then another 30 percent off. So . . . about $2.50? I would have bought them if they’d been a nice color. These were kind of a dirt brown.

Life’s all about choices, right?

No, wait. I didn’t buy a Burning Man sign! I just thought it was funny. Every store I hit had one and was full of hipster’s getting ready for Burning Man.

burning man

Okay, onward.

I’ve been looking for a vintage canister set for–oh forever. I have Mason jars and Tupperware and odds and ends, but nothing counter worthy. And then I found these at Sally’s. For half off (Thank you Burners!) I can’t decide if they’re vintage or retro. They’re in pristine condition, which makes me think retro, but they have a very vintage vibe. What do you think? ($7.50)


I love old cookbooks. I found The American Women’s Cook Book from 1940–it has a thumb index that’s so rad and it’s full of awesome pictures. And an ice cream cookbook from 1974. Yum! ($2.00)


I’m a serious sucker for vintage purses. I found this Enid Collin’s knock off at Goodwill and was so happy. Because it’s covered in Clovers! Clover is the name of the main character of my novels. It was meant to be! This purse would have been sold in a kit. The owner glued the shiny things on, which is why they are notorious for missing shiny things. This one is missing a green petal–but still adorable. ($5.00)


Here’s a picture of a lovely lady with a real Enid Collin’s handbag circa the 1970s.


I’ve been looking for something to hold pens on my desk, since my current pen holder is so full I can barely get a pen in or out of it. I fell in love with this 1950s planter. ($1.50)


This sunshiney yellow color was my mom’s very favorite. I get happy whenever I find something fun in it. Like this Fire King soup mug. ($2.00)

soup bowl

I’m hanging on to this latch hook set to give to Ruby for Christmas. She’s so crafty. And unicorn! ($2.00)


I would defy anyone to resist this little cutie. It’s a vintage valentine, framed with glittery paper. ($1.00)


And last, and kind of least, I picked up this pretty grass-green file box. ($3.00)

file box

That’s $24! Not bad, right?

* * *

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