Thrifting Thursday {Le Creuset Edition}

Thrifting Thursday {Le Creuset Edition}

I almost fainted at Savers this week.

No, really, I did.

Because I found a Le Creuset flame orange saucepan for $4. See:


She’s a little rough, but I think I can clean her up. I believe I’ll name her Alice.

I also found this French food mill, in perfect condition, at the SPCA thrift store for two bucks. It was my week for French kitchen stuff I guess.


This little guy reminds me of a bird for some reason. I have no idea what it’s supposed to be used for, but it only cost a quarter, so I couldn’t pass it up. Have you ever seen one of these? It looks like you’d shake drops of something out of it. Oil maybe? Vinegar?


I have plans for these two old frames. You’ll just have to wait and see!


This little seagull┬ásaucer is the only thing I bought at Salvation Army. Cute, right? I’ve got plans for it, too.


I got so excited when I saw this 1960s print. I have three others by the same artist. hanging in my kitchen.


Did you hit the thrift stores this week? What was your favorite find?


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