Thrifting Thursday {Spin Art Edition}


I got some seriously cute vintage things this week while I was out thrifting. Check them out after the jump!


I found a box of the cutest book plates there ever were. For a dollar!


I’m not 100 percent sure what I’m going to do with these little guys yet. I have a terrarium in my head, but I’m not sure my green(ish) thumb is up to that. We’ll see.


I fell in love with this pocket mirror. It has a faux mother-of-pearl cover front and back. There’s a mirror inside both sides and it sort of twists and becomes it’s own stand. So pretty.


I found a little collection of vintage books at the Goodwill bin store, so they were only a quarter a piece. The book with the bird and the yellow binding is Bambi, which I thought was very appropriate, since I found three of Bambi’s friends as well. I have a whole collection of those books–and I didn’t have Bambi yet–so that was nice. I love the Interview with Santa book, too. By Maragret Mead! I’m collecting 24 Christmas books to use as a sort of advent calendar in December. I’m maybe halfway there.


I couldn’t resist these. They’re just spin art, but they’re so pretty. And I love the chippy frames.


Can you believe I found this little handmade circus quilt (the backing material has swans all over it) for 50 cents at the Goodwill bin store? I’m in love with it. It’s small, like a lap quilt or a large baby blanket. I think it would be great for sitting on at Ruby’s soccer games and practices.


I’m going to use this tiny suitcase to hold art supplies. Isn’t it pretty?

090814 13

So, the Goodwill Bin store is the place where all of the stuff that no one buys at the regular Goodwill store (next door) goes to be sold by the pound or at a ridiculously cAll Postsheap price. Dishes are either .49 cents per pound or a quarter a piece. I couldn’t really tell how they decided. Either way, I love it. Goodwill has a tenancy to overprice things. Like the mid-century china above was marked $45 for 40 pieces. When no one buys it, they put it in the bins, so something you get really nice things for practically nothing.

091114 4


I got these Currier and Ives fruit bowls, plus a few plates and saucers. They were marked at the regular store as 53 pieces for $100. I bought what was left. I really wish I could have bought the whole set!

That’s it for me this week! Did you find anything amazing? Come and share it at the Going Reno Facebook page. 

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