Thrifting Thursday {Coffee, Tea, or Me Edition}

Thrifting Thursday {Coffee, Tea, or Me Edition}

I got a couple of cute things this week. Check them out after the jump!

My favorite is this mid-century drink cart. It’s a great example of why the bin store is pretty much a treasure hunt. The regular Goodwill stores in this area (Reno and Carson City) send the things that don’t sell after a set period of time there to be sold at a deep, deep discount. They practically pay you to haul it away. Often they over price something in the store and weeks later they’re almost giving it away. Like this drink cart. It’s adorable, but they couldn’t find a buyer at $25. I jumped at it for $1.99. I thought I’d put it next to my desk, but it doesn’t look right. I’m not sure where it’s going–but it’s going somewhere!

Cute 1950s vintage rolling drink tray.

I love this red vinyl carry-on bag, too. I’m getting ready to travel to Las Vegas for the Vegas Valley Book Festival in October, and it’s coming with me! Lots of times I find this type of bag in pretty beat up condition, but this one is nearly perfect.

Cherry red vinyl 1960s carry-on bag.


Don’t tell Nick, but I’m going to upcycle this cool old cassette tape box into something he can store his Magic cards in as a Christmas gift. Shhhh!


The one thing I can always count on at the Goodwill Bin store is a neat old books for a quarter or fifty cents each. I especially love that I found Mark Twain’s Autobiography. I think I’m going to send it to my dad as a present. I don’t have any more early readers, but I can never resist vintage picture books with great art.


* * *

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