Hire Me

Virtual Assistant Service

Creative problem solving is my super power. I love to make other people’s lives easier. If you need help with the day-to-day tasks of managing your small business, contact me at shauntagrimes@gmail.com so we can talk about how you can buy a monthly block of my time. As your virtual assistant, I can help with managing your calendar, making appointments, doing research, managing your social media, keeping your blog updated, making travel plans, and 1000 other tasks that will make your life easier.

Writing Service

I’ve been a professional writer for more than twenty years. My experience includes working on staff at both major Las Vegas newspapers, legal writing, and being published by Penguin Books. I’d love to help you with your writing project. Whether you need a blogger, a newsletter writer, someone to polish up what you’ve already written and make it more SEO friendly, someone to ghost write an ebook–or anything in between–I’m your girl. Contact me at shauntagrimes@gmail.com with a description of your project, including length and desired deadline, and I’ll get back to you with a quote.

Editing Service

Here’s the one thing I’ve learned from my experience as an author: I would never, ever publish anything without hiring an editor. Even though I am an editor.

I believe in indie publishing. I think that it’s the wave of the future and I love that so many bloggers are putting their work out there this way. If you’re one of those bloggers and you want to put out your best possible work, you need an editor. An editor who isn’t you.  Someone who can see the mistakes your eyes skip over. You need someone to help you make sure that your indie published book looks professionally put together.

I’d love to help you make your manuscript shine. If you’re interested in professional editing for your manuscript of any length, please contact me at shauntagrimes@gmail.com with a short synopsis, a word count, and a three-page sample and I’ll get you a quote.

Book Critique Service

I’d love to work with you on making your finished, polished novel shine even brighter. If you feel like you’re close, but need a little extra help to get you to the point of being publishable, I’m your girl. I’ll give you honest, constructive feedback you can use to improve your writing.

This service is for people who have a completed novel-length work (40,000 words or more) that they’ve already edited themselves. I’ll read it and provide notes (as track changes while I read, and at least two pages of suggestions) that you can use to bring your work to the next level and prepare it for submission to agents or for self-publication. This is not a line-editing service, although I’ll mark any obvious typos or grammatical errors. Email me at shauntagrimes@gmail.com and we can discuss timelines. I usually have a fast turnover, but it might take me a little longer if I’m on my own deadline.

Cost: $2.50 per page, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-pt font. Price includes a one-hour Skype call after I’ve given you my notes.

Query me at Lucky Bat Books

As a managing editor at Lucky Bat Books, I’d love for you to send me a query letter and the first ten pages of your finished book-length project. My tastes are super eclectic, so please, send me whatever you’re working on. I specialize in books for middle grade and young adult readers, but I also love creative non-fiction. And romance was my first love. If you’d like to know more about how a hybrid press like Lucky Bat works, send your questions (and your queries!) to shauntagrimes@gmail.com.


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