Meet Shaunta

lit crawl

Hi there!

My name is Shaunta Grimes.

I’m a writer (that’s me up there at a reading with my books, Viral Nation and Rebel Nation) and I’m a managing editor for a small hybrid press called Lucky Bat Books.

I have three amazing kids, one adorable husband, an old man cat named Waldo, and a sweet rescue dog named Maybelline Scout.

waldo 1          3

I’ve always lived in the west. I grew up in Southern California, but I’ve been a Nevadan since I was 15. (A long time!) That makes me an honorary native. I love my state. I especially love living in the Sierra Nevadas. Even my books are set here! Reno has a personality and vibe all its own, and I can’t wait to introduce you to it.

I write a lot about personal finance, organization, and wellness for people like me: right-brained, born-disorganized, creative, and easily confused by NASA-level plans for getting my life together. This blog started with a 52-week plan to dig my way out of C.H.a.O.S. and a desire to share my family’s three-year plan for getting control of our finances so we can buy a house. I also post about wellness at Operation Feel Good.

I love to cook, especially in my slow cooker. I love vintage things (including my husband!) I love to upcycle my thrift store finds. I’m a real life Soccer Mom. And I’m so glad you’re here.

Going Reno is all about living the good life–for the rest of us.

If you look around and find that you have dozens of books designed to help you get your life together, Going Reno is for you. If you’ve signed up for (and probably enjoyed setting up) at least that many programs for getting your house clean, getting out of debt, organizing your time, getting your health in order–and then stopped after a couple of weeks when it became too overwhelming, Going Reno is for you.

We’re going to figure this stuff out. Together.

Here’s what you can expect from Going Reno:

  • Posts about personal finance–because it’s a passion of mine and hopefully I can pass on some info that will help people who want to buy a house someday.
  • Posts about organizing for the extremely disorganized. Like me.
  • Posts about wellness and self-care.
  • Posts about thrift shopping, including haul pictorials, because I can’t help myself.
  • Posts about living in Reno–especially What’s Happening This Week and a Wordless in Reno photo every week.
  • DIY posts.
  • Recipes.

A Little Disclosure

Some of my posts have affiliate links in them. That means that if you click the link and buy something, I’ll get a small commission. I promise that I’ll never throw in a link just to make money. If I write about a product or service, it’s because I use it and I think you might like it to. My opinions, always, are my own. Also–thank you for your support!





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